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Kevin Watson


Kevin Watson is a dedicated and experienced Family Nurse Practitioner with a nursing career spanning 18 years. With a strong foundation in critical care and emergency nursing, Kevin’s journey has been defined by a genuine passion for comprehensive patient care. Throughout his career, Kevin has held influential leadership roles within hospital settings, gaining a in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Kevin pursued higher education, earning a master’s degree in nursing and achieving board certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Even during the pandemic, he continued to excel, taking on the directorship of the Emergency Department and the Intensive Care Unit in Bakersfield, California. His dedication to patient well-being extended into his role as a Nurse Practitioner in the emergency department.

Amidst these achievements, Kevin’s fervor for wellness and optimization emerged. He undertook training with the esteemed providers at Onyx Aesthetics and Wellness in Bakersfield, California, fostering his expertise in this field. This journey led to a collaboration resulting in the establishment of LEVEL Wellness and Optimization, the premier center for optimization in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Outside of his roles in the healthcare industry, Kevin loves spending time with his beautiful wife Andrea and his 4 girls; Reese, Zoë, Charly, and Jovie.

Ben Watson


Ben, a devoted Physician Assistant with a robust background in Endocrinology, hails from the captivating Magic Valley, a place he's always held close to his heart. His educational journey took him through Idaho State University, where he fine-tuned his skills and expertise.

With a career finely tuned to endocrinology, Ben has dedicated years to unraveling the complexities of hormones and their crucial role in the body. His unwavering commitment to understanding these vital components led him to the heart of downtown Twin Falls, where he, alongside his brother Kevin, co-founded LEVEL Wellness and Optimization.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Ben takes pride in being a loving husband and a father to six wonderful children. His deep-rooted passion for family and the great outdoors drives him to strike a harmonious balance between providing exceptional patient care and cherishing life's precious moments.

At LEVEL, Ben is more than a healthcare provider; he's a dedicated partner in your journey to better health.

"I believe in tailoring care to your unique needs and aspirations. Through a collaborative approach, we will work together to optimize your wellness and pave the path to a healthier, more fulfilling life."